Massage Services in Kolkata:

To simmer down the tension and let go of stress, Ode Spa is the best place to relax and revive your senses. Bask in the goodness of nature-induced spa and massage services at Ode Spa in Kolkata. Indulge in yourself. Indulge in serenity.

Confused about the type of massage you want to take? Let us help you through.

  • Balinese Massage:Balinese Massage at Ode Spa is a massage one can experience to relieve tension from the muscles and let go of stress from mind. Improvement in blood circulation, detoxing, improvement in heart’s health and much more are observed in those who take this massage. You’ll end up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Thai Massage:Experience true bliss of Ode Spa’s Thai Massage. The therapist helps you stretch your body to the maximum, helping you get rid of all the knots in muscles, while massaging the flesh firmly. By the end of the session, you’ll surely feel flexible, with an improved respiratory system and digestive system.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy Massage at Ode Spa is one of the most calming massages you can experience. The aromatics and essential oils used in this therapy help your mind relax while the massage techniques help your body feel nourished. By the end of your customized massage session, you’re sure to feel revived.
  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage is a mix of various techniques used to relieve aching and give you that ultimate “zen” state of mind. Improvement in muscle tendency, relief from joint pains, improved fluid circulation, removal of toxins and much more can be observed in those who take this massage service. In the end, you’ll feel relieved and soothed.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: For those who have undergone extreme physical stress, Deep- Tissue Massage at Ode Spa serves you well. The repetitive pressure points from our therapists will not only relieve stress from your muscles but also helps you loosen up the knots locked up in the deepest layers of your muscles.Experience the true meaning of spa at Ode Spa, the luxury spa in Kolkata.

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