Massage Services in Kodaikanal:

Spa and massage services in Kodaikanal make your holiday fest feel even better, which is why Ode Spa in Kodaikanal is here to help you experience the best of spa and massage services, with the best of holistic and healing massage therapies. To rejuvenate you with our quality service and help you feel relaxed in our serene and peace-inducing environment is our priority.

The following are some of the many best services that we provide.

  • Balinese Massage: Balinese massage at Ode Spa is a wonderful massage experience, where our professional and certified therapist uses special techniques like gliding, sliding, squeezing, stroking, kneading and such to help release the tension in your muscles and ultimately, help make you feel a million times better.
  • Thai Massage: Thai massage at Ode Spa is a reliving massage experience, which helps stretch your body to the maximum. The yoga-like positions guided by our therapists, help your body stretch to its maximum and the acupuncture massage stroking will help your muscles release the locked-up tension, easily. By the end of the session, you’ll experience an improvement in digestion, immunity and flexibility.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy massage at Ode Spa is a peace-inducing massage experience, where our expert therapists use their magical touch and healing essential oils to help relieve stress, physiologically and psychologically. By the end of this soothing massage session, you’ll feel relaxed and stress-free.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue Massage at Ode Spa is a very special massage, especially, for those who have sore muscle tendency. The high pressure massage techniques used in this therapy help your body loosen the tightened knots from the deepest of tissues. This therapy is famous among our athletic clientele. By the end of the session, you’ll feel soothed and refreshed.
  • Swedish massage: Swedish massage at Ode Spa is a must-try as our therapists use several acupuncture and shiatzu techniques to help relieve tension and stress. Techniques like stroking, gentle thumping, kneading, gliding, squeezing and such are used on your muscles with the use of aromatic oils, to help your body feel soothed. By the end of your customizable session, you’ll feel nourished and super stress-free.Apart from the above massage services, you can also try our special massages focusing exclusively on select part of the body. Massages like Foot Reflexology, Head Massage, Neck and Back Massage, are our clientele’s favourites.

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