Massage Services in Goa:

Full body massages in Goa are best experienced with Ode Spa. Here’s why: If you experience a soreness or aching in your muscles or if you just want to experience a massage out of enthusiasm, Ode Spa is your best bet. Our massages are certified safe with safe procedures and certified professional therapists.

Experience the holistic experience of getting a massage spa in Goa with Ode Spa. The following are the therapeutic massages we specialize in:

  • Balinese Massage:To feel soothed to your core and relax your body with a rhythmically tuned massage, choose Balinese massage at Ode Spa. This massage releases the tension, soreness and stress from your muscles. Our qualified professional therapists make this massage a graceful experience for you.
  • Swedish Massage:Swedish massage is for those who want to experience the “zen” of a massage. The techniques like sliding, gliding, kneading, squeezing, tapping, rhythmic thumping and more are used for the ultimate massage experience and refreshed sense of being.
  • Aromatherapy: Experience true bliss with aromatics, essential oils and soothing massage with Aromatherapy massage at Ode Spa. The aromatics are diffused and essential oils are used to massage your whole body thoroughly, making you feel physiologically and psychologically relieved from stress and refreshed.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is famous among athletes because of its extreme techniques used to relieve stress and tension from the muscles. High amount of pressure (you can customize the pressure points) and acupuncture techniques used in this massage, make it irresistible. By the end of your customized session, you’re sure to feel relaxed and calm.In addition to the above massages, Ode Spa also specializes in Foot massage, Head massage, Neck and Back massage and more! Choose a massage that best suits your requirements.
  • Thai massage:This ancient massage is used to bring flexibility to your entire body and structure the working of your muscles. Thai massage at Ode Spa is for stretching your body and improving the fluid circulations, digestion and heart’s health. As no oils are used in this massage, you will not be required to take your clothes off.

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