Reward Your Employees with a
Spa Wellness Program

SPA Wellness Program

  • Fit, happy and healthy employees are crucial in today’s corporate environment.
  • Cumulative cost of sick days and absenteeism across Indian workplace-a staggering 80 billion rupees per year. (Source: assocham study 2010).
  • 80% of all the illness caused by stress. 50% of fortune 500 companies participating in wellness programs to reduce employees stress.
  • *Massages will have medical benefits for a variety of medical conditions*. (Brent Bauer, Mayo Clinic, US).
  • People feel pampered and more relaxed in the work environment and is great for team activity.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and increase feelings of appreciation.

Spa treatments will help your employees relax, refresh and rejuvenate

Benefits to Employees

Benefits to employees from spa treatments and massages

  • Decreased stress and fewer stress and ergonomics- related issues.
  • Improved circulation and immune system boost.
  • Lower muscle pain and relief from headaches.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improved thinking and flexibility.

Educate employees about the benefits of spa treatments. Special offers and packages for your employees.

Benefits to the Company

Spa treatments consistently read one of the most popular employee appreciation gifts.

  • Reduced medical and disability costs.
  • Heightened employee productivity.
  • Increase in employee morale and team bonding.
  • Increased turnover and absenteeism.
  • A complete edge in hiring.

Why O2 Spa?

  • India’s largest chain of spa’s-completely company owned and operated.
  • Over 6lakh guests served by 800+ employees.
  • Large and diversified menu with over 64 services in beauty and massage treatments.
  • Dedicated customer support center for all the guest queries.
  • Strong technical backbone including online appointment booking and payment facility.
  • Experience in operative across various verticals-airports, hotels, malls, high street locations and trains.
  • Operates mobile spa-pop up spa at corporate locations and events.
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