Business Alliances

We serve our guests at many locations in India. We are in Affiliate partnership with many hotels which are the best in the hospitality and service industry. parteners of o2-spa

Preferred Travel Partner


corporate relations

Our deal is a measure of the trust that our partner enjoys with us. It is a sweet reminder to all the patrons of the bank that they are welcome to come to us and have a greatly relaxing and refreshing experience To know more:Click here

Our deal expresses the trust we have with our partner. We assure that the travellers and frequent fliers will have a positively warm and refreshingly different treatment with us. We extend a warm welcome . To know more:Click here

We offer the best with an assurance that the professionals will receive the most professional treatment and refreshing experience. We are here to extend a warm welcome restricted only to Google Gurgaon employees and they will love coming here again.

O2 Spa offers the best of freshness and welcomes our smart partners and distinguished patrons, to have a positively warm and rejuvenating treatment with us. Here is an excellent opportunity to strike a deal with us and feel the challenges, fun and positive benefits. Be assured that it is going to be wonderful