The wonders of a head massage

July 4th, 2018

The wonders of a head massage | O2 Spa

As per the title of this topic, head massage does wonders not only for our mane, but for the mind and our nervous system that regulates all of our bodily activities. A scalp massage is an ancient practice that has become ritualistic over a period of time. A head massage therapist needs to study the minute nuances and also practice it properly to become an expert.

In the Indian context, a very local word for head massage is “Champi”. Over the time people have given it the nomenclature of “Champissage” (Champi + Massage). Irrespective of what it is called, the mention of it makes one go all “ooh!” That’s how and when someone can get a head massage to iron out those tensions that we carry all around our head, shoulder and neck areas.

Typically a head massage is done while you are in sitting position, giving clear access to head, neck, upper back, shoulder blades, and the face. The energy around these areas is the one that if balanced well, can really do wonders for your rest of your body parts. O2 spa specializes in techniques and expertise that is so very essential for a proper head massage. This form of massage focuses on those parts of our body that holds most of our tension points which get released with a head massage done at O2 spa by a trained therapist.

At the spa, massage therapist would examine your scalp and hair condition before recommending warm oil or normal oil massage. Usually, the oils are mixed with herbs like ajwain, flaxseed and other beneficial ingredients before application to give your scalp the nurturing nutrients.

Wonders and benefits of head massage:

  1. Prevents hair loss with proper lubrication of the scalp
  2. Cures you of dandruff and dead skins
  3. Enhanced blood circulation with increased oxygen supply to brain, which helps our nerve system
  4. Better blood circulation leads to stronger roots for the hair shafts
  5. Protection from damaging effects of weather and sun rays
  6. Head massage prevents wrinkles on your face due to better blood circulation
  7. Balanced body heat that is needed for excessive exposure to computer and work that needs constant attention
  8. Promotes new hair growth
  9. Prevents hair greying to a large extent
  10. Better sleep patterns