What’s The Relationship Between Libido And Massage?

February 5th, 2018

The two terms libido and massage seem like two highly unlikely words that can ever be put across in a single sentence. Anyone reading this blog might think so. The mind might race thinking, is there a relationship between these two terms. To start off easy, let us find out what is a libido. Libido in simple terminology means ‘sexual desire’. But what connection can libido and massage have?

Let us find out.

Massage has amply been verified as a way to relieve stress, reduce pain and help people sleep. But one must wonder how it helps in generating libido in a person. The connection exists. There have been cases when people have been able to achieve higher libido with the help of massages in regular intervals.

Low libido is quite common amongst both men and women alike and can affect both the genders at any age. It is nothing to be shameful of and is a direct result of the lifestyle that people lead these days. High and low libido can be attributed to many factors such as beginning or end of a relationship, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, stress, pressure to perform in bed and menopause amongst many other factors. Stress has been attributed to be the most common and highly likely cause of low sex drive.

This is where massage comes in, massages have been certified as the best method to relieve stress and bring about peace to any hormonal changes in the body. Regular massages can reduce stress levels as measured by lowered cortisol levels. Higher the level of cortisol, more testosterone is produced in the body. Hence, massages have a deeper connection with increasing or controlling the libido.

Have you experienced any change in your sex drive post a massage therapy? Let us know in the comments below.