Welcome December with a New Gothic Makeup Look: Steps to How

December 11th, 2017


People who are looking for an unconventional look? Then, this gothic makeup is meant for you. This dark makeup is famous among young adults. It gives different look, which makes you look sexy and hot. So, play with makeup to get easy and sexy gothic look.

To experiment with the gothic makeup look, you need to follow the below steps. Steps to get Goth look:

1. Moisturizer and Primer: Apply moisturizer to give your skin supple, hydrated look. The primer with SPF, protects your skin and acts as a barrier on your skin and gives a more pale gothic look.

2. Apply Foundation: Apply foundation to your face by using sponge or brush. Use a sponge to spread foundation evenly on face and neck.

3. Use powder: Apply light-powder to your face, so that, foundation does not move throughout the day.

4. Apply Eyeliner, Eye shadow and Mascara: Apply eyeliner on top of your eyelash, as well as on the bottom of your lash-line. Create a distinct dark line around your lash line to get a gothic look. If you want, you can try small wings by extending the liner on your upper lash-line.

•Followed by eyeshadow, choose dark eyeshadow to complete the gothic look. For example: Use black eyeshadow on your upper lids and around your crease. This will give your eyes a darker look.

•Finally, complete the gothic eye makeup by applying black mascara to your eyelashes. If you want, you can curl your lashes before you apply mascara.

5. Apply Lipstick: Complete your full makeup by applying dark lipstick, it may be black or purple, wine-red, plum etc, which suits your eyeshadow.

That’s the end of a typical gothic makeup look. There are other gothic makeup looks that will make you stand out of the crowd, comment below and we’ll come up with a new series of gothic makeup looks.

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