How to Wash Curly Hair in the Right Way

June 6th, 2017

Hair Care Services

Yes, you’re Doing It Wrong all these days. Yeah, you read it right, Do you know how to wash your curly hair in a right way? Just think about it. You have been washing your hair since forever, but how often do you really think about the shampoo you are using, the ingredients that are best for your curl type hair, or even how your hair is supposed to feel while you are lathering it up? Tricky questions right, so let’s analyse your three biggest curl-washing mistakes and fix them.

  1. MISTAKE 1: Trusting your shampoo label:

    Curls are naturally fickle and dry, so you can’t use the same shampoo for curly hair that literally can be used for any other hair type. The majority of shampoos, even shampoos specifically labelled for “curly hair” are filled with sulfates, that’s the ultimate enemy of curly hair. Sodium lauryl sulfate found in a typical shampoo acts generally too harsh for curls, making them frizzy, dry and straw-like. Pay more attention to the top three ingredients of the formula, when choosing for a shampoo. If sulfates are tenth on the list of the formula, then probably don’t dry your curls, but avoiding the shampoo with sulfates will be the best option.

  2. MISTAKE 2: Not Using shampoo at all:

    If you have curly hair, you really should not use a traditional shampoo at all. Instead, use a cleansing conditioner that is essentially a regular one infused with gentle cleansing agents and zero sulfates. They just work like shampoos, but without any harsh lather, so you’re pretty much babying your curls as much as possible throughout your shower. Annoyingly, most of the cleansing conditioners don’t specifically mention what type of curl they are best for, so check the ingredients, if the formula is heavy and not hydrating enough, for your curl type.

  3. MISTAKE 3: Literally washing your hair incorrectly:

    Make sure to keep the shampoo concentrated only at the roots of the hair and then rinse your hair as quickly as possible to keep the sulfates away from penetrating your hair. If you are using a cleansing conditioner, though, use a pretty large amount of conditioner and massage it into your roots and hair. Since cleansing conditioners are thick by nature, you need to spend a few extra minutes working them into your hair, and then let them sit for five-to-ten minutes to really condition the hair. Regardless of the cleansing conditioner you use, we can almost guarantee your curls will look better than they did when they were dipped in sulfates.

    Washing your hair shouldn’t be a chore but an exclusive, relaxing treat. Just sit back and treat yourself to a highly satisfying experience of perfect hair wash at O2 Spa & Salon to enjoy the affordable luxury that you crave for.