Vitamins In Body Wraps: Spa Treatments

March 1st, 2018

Vitamins In Body Wraps: Spa Treatments

The genesis of body wraps goes aeon years back in centuries. Developed primarily to get rid of extra body fluids and toxins that get accumulated between layers of body fat, due to lack of exercise and ageing. Apart from detoxification, body wrap helps in restoring the minerals, thereby reducing joint pains and aches.

Sometime around the 60’s, this method of using a different mixture of ingredients is to be applied to the body for overall well-being gained momentum in the USA. Since then and now over 30 years, with the advent of science in cosmetic industry, body wraps are being seen as an alternative cure for many chronic diseases related to joints and spin.

Additionally, body wrap benefits in body contouring, tightening of skin due to fluid loss, enhancing metabolism, leading to reduced ailments and losing weight for a temporary period making the individual feel light and bouncy.

The most important part of any body wrap is the regaining the vitamins and minerals that deplete due to ageing and sedentary lifestyle. Thankfully, regular body wraps can bring back lost vitamins and nutrients like A, B, B12, E, and Iron into the skin.

Over the years, research and studies in cosmetology have developed and innovated a variety of wraps ranging from clay/mud, coca, vegetable, seaweed and even algae to rejuvenate and revitalize physique of a human being. A mask is applied to the whole body after appropriate consultation and advice of the therapist. Over the mask, a plastic sheet is wrapped all around and is left for 20-25 minutes for all the goodness of the anointed pest to go deep down the skin. Typically, this mask will help in stimulating blood circulation, drawing out excess fluids and impurities, supplementing with missing minerals available in the substance applied.

By no means should one understand it as a substitute for body massage. Both have their separate efficacy as far as well-being and health are concerned. It is always useful to know as much and be well informed prior to making any decision. After all, ‘Our body-our Choice’.