Understanding the Importance of Moisture For Skin

December 13th, 2017

Importance of Moisture For Skin

Skin, by 70 percent, (a well-known fact) consists of water. Of this, about 12 percent is placed in the stratum corneum of a human body, only a hundredth of a millimetre in thickness. This ‘stratum corneum’ and the dead keratinized skin cells play a significant role in maintaining moisture in the body. The goal of caring for any type of skin is to preserve the elasticity of the stratum corneum. This implies stabilization of its humidity. If the humidity of the stratum corneum is in order, then it protects the layers below, in which the main body moisture reserves are concentrated. The best way to maintain optimal moisture in the stratum corneum is through hygiene and regular skin care with Body Wraps Treatment.

Modern moisturizers can provide a moisturizing effect for a whole day, and with regular use, and then much longer. In any case, if several hours after applying the moisturizing cream, you have a desire to repeat the procedure, it means that this remedy does not suit you and you need to change it.

The reason for this may be that, although it contains a sufficient amount of moisturizing substances, it does not have enough fat to keep the moisture active on your skin. Such remedies are great for fatty skin type, but for dry skin, you need a cream that has a much larger and sufficient fat content that can retain moisture for a long time.

Moisture provides our skin with elasticity and therefore a young, fresh look appears. Having felt tightness and dryness, do not rush to use a fat cream, even if it’s winter outside. The use of moisturizers in the cold season is just more important than in the summer, because we are in heated rooms for a long time and the skin is simply dried.

Moisture for skin is an essential thing to be maintained by anyone to keep their skin clean, plump and fresh.

What are your tricks to keep the skin well moisture for long periods? Let us know in the comments below.