Understand Your Body’s Need for Moisture

November 8th, 2017

 Benefits Of Moisturising Face

Do you know? Our skin is covered with a fine film of water and lipids? These lipids keep skin moist. If you don’t maintain the right balance of moisture, your skin becomes dry, patchy, and gets rashes.

Why Skin needs Hydration?

The body needs water to balance its functions. Similarly, skin too needs a moisturizer to hydrate itself with moisture.

Which Moisturizer to Use?

Moisturizer with a number of vitamins like A and B5 to increase firmness, build moisture level. Vitamins C and E work as anti-oxidant. Along with this, SPF 15 helps prevent premature lines and wrinkles.

When to use moisturizer?

Moisturizing twice a day; right after the shower and right before going to bed. Moisturizing after a hot bath/shower is important because hot water removes oils out of the skin. Moisturizer helps to prevent that and protect natural oils.

Why is moisturizer important to your body?

1. Protects The Skin: Moisturizer act as a protective layer for skin from the pollution.

2. Moisture Keeps Skin Moist: Skin lipids play a crucial role to regulate moisture balance. Moisturizer reduces water loss and stops the skin to become tight and dry.

3.Eliminates Bacteria Growth: We can keep skin balanced by applying moisturizer and that can prevent the penetration of fungus and bacteria into the skin.

4. Regenerates New Skin: We know that skin heals itself. Balanced Moisturizing helps skin to generate new cells.

5. Increases Elasticity: Moisture gives elasticity to the skin. Without moisture, skin becomes patchy, causing extreme dryness.

Finally, moisturizer is important because it protects skin from ageing, gives nourishment and skin feels smooth, healthy and radiant.

Are you using moisturizer? What are your moisturizing tips? Let us know in the comment section below.