How To Unclog Your Pores With Oils: Treat Your Skin Right

February 16th, 2018

Unclog Your Pores With Oils

We all talk and read a lot about unclogging our pores, but do we know what clogged pores are?

What is a clogged pore?

The human skin has a lot of pores in them and sometimes these pores are open and become clogged with dirt, debris and natural skin oils. The debris can consist of dirt, impurities and dead skin cells.

What can cause a clogged pore?

In case if you have a skin condition, where there are clogged pores, it is an indication that your skin care regimen is not correct and you do not wash your face regularly and properly. It is apparent that you either have oily skin or a combination skin. This means that you tend to produce more oils than necessary and these backed up oil when not cleaned regularly begin clogging up and cover your pores with dirt and turn into black spots on your skin. The causes of a clogged pore may be acne, seasonal changes, dead skin cells and mostly improper skin care.

The next important question is how to unclog the pores and to treat the skin right?

Truth is that you can’t exactly go deep inside the pore and open and close pores as you’d think. What you can do is clear the surface or more precisely, the “lid” of a pore. Consider your pore like a tube with a lid on it. Once you remove this lid, which is usually caused by dirt, debris and so, your pores can actually breathe.

Here are a few tips to help unclog your pores for you to get a flawless and beautiful skin:

1.Wash your face with a neem-based scrub. Use neem based face masks to remove the oil and dirt from the clogged pores.

2.Use oatmeal. It works wonders. Use lukewarm milk and smashed oatmeal, prepare a mixture and apply it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and remove it to get instantly a clean skin. You can actually see your pores closing.

3.Use a dead-sea clay scrub to remove the excess oil. Clay is known to remove the oil build-up in the skin, which will helps unclog your pores.

4.Always try to keep your hair away from your face, so that you do not transmit unwanted dirt to your face.

5.Always remove makeup before going to bed. It helps the skin breathe and heal at night.

Use these few tips to treat your skin right and unclog your pores.