Types of body wraps at O2 Spa and their benefits

June 25th, 2018

Types of body wraps at O2 Spa and their benefits

O2 Spa is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Starting right from refreshing massages to the goodness of skin care body wraps, they’ve got it all. If you want to spruce up your skin care regime, you should definitely try out these body wraps:

The Coco Butter Wrap

The Coco Butter Deep Moisturizing Wrap at o2 spa is the best out of all body wraps as it is enriched with all the essential vitamins, moisture, anti-irate ingredients, anti-oxidants, and a lot more. The wholesomeness of this particular wrap is that the client will feel rejuvenated with the butter being spread all over their body with gentle circular massage-like motions. When covered with this butter, the client’s body will be refueled with its lost moisture and the skin will hydrate itself with this refreshing wrap.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the exotic goodness of this wrap, so book an appointment at o2 spa right away!

The Natural Fruit Wrap

Nothing can beat natural goodness. With the fruit wrap at O2 Spa, the body is covered with the purity of fruits and their nurturing qualities. Experience the bliss of exotic creams and berries, antioxidant agents and a lot more. This wrap not only brings the best out of your skin but also refreshes your body and mind. Improve your health, immunity and well-being with the all-natural fruit wrap only at o2 spa. Book an appointment now!

The Extreme Whitening Wrap

The whitening wrap spa at O2 Spa consists of trained massage therapists massaging with their firm hands on the client’s gentle skin with the use of an exotic mask, which not only makes you feel calm and relaxed but also helps your skin get rid of all the toxins. This adds a smooth texture to the skin and also brings about a toned skin with a uniform skin tone.

Let your skin experience the whitening wrap treatment at o2 spa and bring about a balance in your overall skin care regime. Not just that relax your body and mind with this wrap too!

Schedule an extreme whitening wrap appointment at O2 Spa now a get the skin you’ve always wanted!