Why You Should Try O2 Spa’s Thai Massage?

June 27th, 2018

Why You Should Try O2 Spa’s Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is a whole lot different from conventional massage systems. While, most massages require you to lie down passively while the therapist massages your muscles, the Thai massage comes with a twist: You have to stretch, twist, and turn and even perform some asanas during the massage.

What is Thai Massage?

Traditionally performed on the floor, Thai massage requires you to lie on a padded mat while the therapist guides your body into stretches. Traditional techniques such as acupressure, joint mobilization or compression are also used but oils and lotions are not used at all. You remain fully clothed throughout the session.

Thai Massage: Benefits & Advantages

Increases the energy flow

Tightened muscles lead to the reduction of energy flow in your body. When that happens, your muscles start aching, you feel stiff and inflexible. It affects your immunity, posture and proper functioning of your organs.

The techniques used in Thai Massage are specifically designed to increase the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. It also helps natural emission of wastes and carbon dioxide much more efficiently.

The stretching techniques used in a Thai Massage further tone your muscles and make them flexible making you feel relaxed and energetic all the time!

Pain Relief

A research study published in 2015, explains how Thai massage is a great alternative for people with chronic pain. The chronic pain in the back and neck especially in working professionals is relieved almost instantly with a Thai massage.

A 30 minute session reduces the intensity of pain, tension in the muscles and increases the threshold of pain.

Reduction in stress and tension headaches

Pressure applied to specific meridians on the head, goes a long way in reducing chronic headaches occurring due to stress. Since the Thai Massage works wonders on your muscles, it also simultaneously reduces your psychological stress. An, guess what? A study conducted on Thai Massage in 2016, proved that Thai massage is slightly more effective when it comes to stress reduction!

Fascinating, right? Why don’t you try out the Thai Massage for yourself at your nearest O2 Spa?