Try an Exclusive Look for This Weekend

November 7th, 2017

Try an Exclusive Look for This Weekend

This weekend is yours. Try something different to look your best self! If you’re planning for a super-hot date, watching movies with friends or even planning on going for grocery shopping, then it’s important you look somewhat different than usual.

Here is a beauty look to inspire your weekend outing.

Start with lips because lips are the most attractive part of your face.

Moody Lips: Always wearing a Nude or pale Pink lipstick is boring. Try new and different look. Deep-Purple (almost eggplant-coloured) lips or Red lips give a gorgeous look with minimal base and mascara.

Smoky Eyes: Smokey eyes are still in the trend right now, thanks to their awesome finish. To make your smoky eye appropriate, skip the eyeshadow and use eyeliner. Apply gel eyeliner to your upper-side of eyelid and before it dries, blend out the edges with a smudge brush. The gel eyeliner will last all the day.

Minimal Glow: When your eyes look good, you brush up your eyebrows with minimal brow-gel. For glowing skin and to get the cool look with the pale Violet lip, apply luminizer/highlighter to all the places on the face that catch the light. Don’t forget to highlight the inner corner of your eyes and the centre of your lids.

Minimalize Nail Art: If you want to try classic look by using a vampire-ish Red shade instead of white, or you’re going with the whole matchy-matchy trend, try a black nail polish. It’s edgy and trendy at the same time. Use a dotting tool and add one simple dot of contrasting colour to each one of your nails.

High Ponytail: Being simple is always a successful mantra for gorgeous looks. It is perfect for the workplace, as well as, parties. Just keep a styling spray handy to take care of fly-aways and high strands.

Voluminous Eyelashes: People get attracted to your eyes when you add volume to your eyes with voluminous fake eyelashes. To give the lashes a natural look, try to lightly brush in a little dark eyeshadow under your tearlines to go with the look.

Experiment or play with makeup and see if you like it or not.

Let us know in the comments section about your experiment with colours for an exclusive weekend look.