Trending body spa treatments in 2018

July 14th, 2018

Trending body spa treatments in 2018 | O2 Spa

Spa treatments are veiled alluring treatments to keep our bodies in-sync and attractive. If you are the curious kind with the enthusiasm to try out new trending spa treatments, then this article will make you really happy. Body spa treatments in general are a facial for the whole body. It promotes healthy living and a general awareness of the body. It also distinguishes the body and helps the individual take care of their body in an appropriate way. Body spa treatments can differ based on the type of body type as well as the season. While the below mentioned spa treatments are popular in India, their significance takes back to the historic times resonating with the contemporary era.

Here is a list of trending and ‘in’ spa treatments in 2018:

1. Mask it up:

Masking all the nutrients into our face is what masks are all about. Masks are all over the place now. Right from the charcoal-layer mask to the gold peel-off mask, beauty is all about masking it right. While there are different types of mask in the market today, it depends on your skin-type, on which, a type of mask one should use. There may be different kinds of masks such as a gold or silver mask, charcoal essentials mask, clay, essential oils masks and the list is endless.

2. Environment friendly, please:

2018 is the year of environment-friendly products and services. A lot of the individuals have become very conscious of what goes into their face and body. It is all about being organic this year.

3. Chakra treatments, if any:

From quite some time, the spa world has been emphasising on the chakra treatment. It enables the spinning of wheels of energy. According to popular belief, the body has seven chakras and all of these chakras have to be aligned with our body and soul to get the most of “ultimate” benefits. It promotes laps of happiness and positivity are prized armour in the person with all the chakras’ energy. This treatment involves sitting near burning incense sticks and doing assisted yoga postures and talking about positive outlook, as well as following a whole dietary regime.

4. Shamman sessions:

This session is all about burning sage, chanting and feathers being dusted off. Shamman sessions have gained quite a momentum now. The rabbis are now drumming down all the natural healing powers and positivity and lacing them to the recipients. It is an ancient healing system and has gained some traction for its positive frame of outlook.

5. Weight whispering:

This spa treatment is quite unusual. It requires a lot of positivity and a blind faith in the practice of weight disappearing. A few of the new born mothers have been trying out these sessions. It enables the session holder to whisper and chant stuff into your eyes during the session and almost very soon the recipients start losing weight. It is an orthodox approach towards weight loss and promotes a natural healing process.

Have you heard of any of these treatments and tried them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.