How Traveling Heals Your Body & Gives You Peace

December 19th, 2017

india-blog-posts-3 Travelling is one of the best ways to improve your health (inside and outside). Right away you will get a doubt. Does travelling really improve health? The answer is “Yes”. In travelling, you can face some worries. But, from those worries, you can gain a lot of experience. No need to travel out of the country. You have enough tourist places to visit in your own country, which gives you scope to understand about your country and that makes you feel excited. There is no age limit for travelling, just you need health and enough money to travel. Anybody, who travelling outside his or her comfort zone can attest to the excitement when you comes in a new environment. Scientifically proven facts that travelling is good for your health.
  1. Promotes The Health Of The Heart: In travelling, more physical activity is involved like walking in the streets, climbing a mountain and on. These activities lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and strokes decrease.
  1. Improves Your Brain Health: When you’re travelling, your mind wanders, which makes you adapt to the new environment and situations. This new experience increases cognitive flexibility that keeps your brain sharp.
  1. Lowers Stress Level: It’s scientifically proven that travelling will increase happiness, treats depression and decreases stress. A study found that people who go for vacation for 3 days, felt well-rested, less anxious and in better mood.
  1. Live Longer: Travelling enhances our lives and increases our life expectancy. Travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts your brain. This all adds up to increase your chances of living longer.
  1. Forces you to be Open to New Things: Trying new things leaves you more open to new things in your daily life. Example: Holding snake in Vietnam is not something that happens on the reg. So, when you get a chance to do it, JUST DO IT.
A trip helps you discover yourself to an extent. Trekking, surfing, running on the beach-bed, jumping on waves created by the river at the edge of river bank etc, which gives you an ultimate experience that you can’t express in words. Travelling makes your body and mind active, which heals your health problems. If laughing is a medicine to boost your health, travelling is the next medicine.

So, what are you waiting for? JET SET GO…

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