Top 5 benefits of getting a massage after workout

November 17th, 2019

Top 5 benefits of getting a massage after workout Fitness is the new black! Everyone today understands the importance of being fit by following a healthy diet and incorporating a workout routine into your daily schedule. If you’re someone who enjoys working out, you should definitely try adding a massage after your workout to your fitness regime. Surprised? Yes, studies conducted by wellness and medical experts around the world have shown that a massage after a workout can have multiple benefits. Let’s take a closer look at them. Speeds Up Your Muscle Recovery After an intensive workout, your muscles need time to heal and recover. This process is aided by better blood circulation in your body and improved cell growth, both of which you are assured of when you get a massage. Getting a massage after a workout helps your muscles recover faster from the wear and tear they have been subjected to and results in less soreness. This means that your muscles will be ready in time for your next workout, allowing you to perform to your best abilities and push your boundaries to achieve your fitness dreams. Reduces Your Risk of Injury People who partake in strenuous workouts regularly very often end up injuring themselves. Such an injury will not only keep you away from your fitness routine for a long time but also could impact your quality of life. Take the right precautions by adding a deep-tissue massage to your fitness plan to improve your flexibility. A good massage therapist will also be able to release the tension in specific points like your hamstrings, lower back or hips. Decreases Inflammation in Your Body In order to protect any tissue damaged during your rigorous workout, your body’s white blood cells will cover the area, resulting in a swelling. While this is your body’s natural protective reaction, chronic or misdirected inflammation can cause muscle stiffness as well as more severe problems. Instead of opting for painkillers to ease the soreness, try a post- workout massage and see the difference. Increases Your Stamina and Energy Levels If you thought that a massage was only for relaxation purposes, you’re definitely mistaken! A massage sends an increased amount of oxygen to your muscles, allowing you to improve your endurance performance. It also improves your blood circulation, which in turn, boosts your immunity. So, not only are you able to do more strenuous workouts but also your body’s muscles recover faster. Keeps Your Mind Fit It’s not enough for only your body to be fit; your mind needs to be healthy too. Today, everyone’s busy schedules keep them from taking the time to relax and rejuvenate themselves. A massage is a good way to indulge your senses and reduce your stress levels. When you get a massage, your body releases serotonin in your brain, a chemical that instantly lifts your mood. So, go ahead and give your fitness efforts an extra boost by getting a post-massage workout. Visit Ode Spa, India’s most awarded spa chain, to get the best experience and maximum benefits out of your massage. Do remember to discuss any pain, stiffness or other issues with your massage therapist before getting started to ensure that they can focus on any specific areas of concern you might have.