Top 5 Benefits of Face Wash before Bed

January 2nd, 2018

Importance Of Face Wash

Ugh! Washing one’s face is a big task at end of the day. It is so easy to justify these reasons as to why it is not needed. “I can wash it in the morning” or “I am tried “or “Just this once. It won’t matter”. We all have used every excuse to not wash our faces before going to bed, but really, it needs to be washed.

Here’s Why:

Washing your face is an important part of skincare regime. Our elders told us to “wash face before going to sleep”. But, we ignore it because of laziness, tiredness and for some more reasons. Washing your face before going to bed makes a lot of difference than you can imagine.

What are the benefits you can see?

1.Washing your skin at night will diminish the amount of oil on the skin:

It removes pimples that cause bacteria and result in small marks on the skin or face. Face is directly exposed to the pollution where, dirt, dust and infection causing bacteria can enter into the skin pores. This bacteria may cause blemishes on the skin.

2.Makeup on your skin can be removed by washing your face: Makeup on your face is mandatory to be removed by washing your face with suitable face-wash/cleanser. You can remove your makeup by using olive oil or a makeup remover and then wash.

3.Face wash removes the dirt from your pores: When you start washing your face before going to bed, it allows your skin to breathe and the dirt and pollution that clog your pores are finally unblocked and your skin breathe the fresh air again.

4.Clean skin saves your pillowcase: If you don’t wash your face, you transfer the dirt, oil as well as, makeup to your pillow-case. If you don’t change your pillowcase regularly, then all the dirt again transfers back to your skin every night, which causes unhealthy skin reactions.

5.Eye makeup can damage your eyelashes: Cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow has chemicals which make your eyelashes become delicate and cause fall-out. Even your eyelashes feel heavier without removing makeup at night time, which disturbs your sleep.

Apart from the above points, there are many more damages one can avoid and benefit from a face wash before going to bed.

What are your tricks for a healthy glowing skin? Let us know in the comments below!