Top 10 Makeup Blunders to Avoid

December 8th, 2017

Common Make Up Mistakes to Avoid

Once you come back home, we are almost too tired to remove our makeup, which is a threat to our skin. It is always better to take that first step and let our skin breathe. Along with this, we also make a few common makeup blunders.

Here’s a list of the few makeup blunders we make and how to avoid them.

1.Neglecting to clean makeup brushes:

After every makeup application, clean your makeup brushes. It may have some sort of dirt in it and can cause different skin reactions.

2.Falling asleep with your makeup on:

It is a huge no-no. Always remove your make up before falling asleep. Cleanse it with a light toner and apply moisturiser after the cleaning ritual to hold in the nutrients of the skin.

3.Applying foundation with our fingers:

Applying foundation with fingers makes the whole finish very chalky and does not give a proper and nice finish or glow. Always use a makeup sponge or brush while applying foundation.

4.Neck region remains unblended with our face makeup:

When we apply makeup on our face, we usually forget to blend and put makeup on our neck to even out the skin tone. It is quite a makeup blunder and you end up looking like a puzzle. No fun.

5.Storing makeup products in the washroom:

Always store your makeup, natural oils and wax in cooler places and the bathroom definitely is not a place to store it, given all the humidity and warmth.

6.Forgetting to replace products:

After a certain time span and depending on the use, makeup brushes and sponges should be replaced. Not cleaned but replaced altogether.

7.Using expired makeup products:

It is a huge no-no. Always check the expiry date on your makeup products. Use of expired products can be fatal for your skin.

8.Applying foundation on dry skin:

Always use a light moisturiser on your face before applying foundation. If applied on a dry skin it can lead to charring and breaking out of skin, leaving dry marks on it.

9.Using wrong shade of blush:

Use a blush appropriate to your skin tone. Use a soft shade and don’t go overboard. Blend it right.

Our body changes over time and it is important to not keep using the same makeup products. It may lead to acne and the skin to breakout. Hence, always change your skin products after a period of time and depending on your skin’s tendency.

Follow these few makeup tips and avoid the blunders. Feel your skin remain the same way as it was when you were a teenager.