How to Test Makeup on Your Skin: 5 Easy Tips

December 30th, 2017

Steps To Test Makeup

Are you confused to choose the right makeup product for your skin tone? Are you wasting money on makeup products that are not suitable for your skin?

Here are some tips to help you select the right product without wasting money. While “Swatching” is a technique that helps you choose the right product for your skin tone, it may not exactly be easy. A combination of good lighting, placement and keen eye is required to choose the right shade for you.

Tips to Select:

Lipstick: Choosing lipstick is very important because it changes the way your lips look. Swatching the lipstick is important to check out its true colour. We use wrist or back of the hand to check the lipstick but it is not the prime spot. Apply colour on the slightly pinky area of your fingertips, which actually matches your lips texture. So, fingertips are the best place to test out lipstick. Hold your finger over your lips and check it whether shade looks good on your skin tone.

Foundation and Concealer: Test foundation or concealer on cheeks to your jawline, instead of testing on the back of your hand. This helps you to see whether product matches your neck and face.

Note: Check the look of foundation or concealer under natural light rather in synthetic light.

Eye shadow and Eyeliner: It can be applied on the smooth surface of your body. Generally, back of your hands or inner forearms.

Eyebrow Pencils: Apply a tester on the back of your hand. It helps you know which colour will match your eyebrow hair. If you have darker hair, your eyebrow pencil should be 1 to 2 shades lighter. If you have lighter hair your eyebrow pencil should be 1 to 2 shades darker.

Highlighter: If you want to check the quality, colour of a highlighter, Test it on your inner forearm. If you want to check how it looks then duct the product on your cheekbones by using fingers and tilt your head up toward the light. This helps you to check the effect it has on your face.

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