How To Take Care Of Your Hair In This Rainy And Humid Season?

February 10th, 2018

How To Take Care of Your Hair in Summer and Rainy Season

Nothing hurts more now than losing your hair, not even a breakup. All of our tresses strewn across the house in various corners of our living room, bedroom and washroom, gives us the chills and sometimes leads to hysterical breakdowns and crying matches. Hair is our treasured accessory, so what can one do to take care of their treasure in this rainy and humid season?

A lot of causes of losing hair is based on the simple fact that we do not follow a good diet, sleep pattern and are exposed to a lot of pollution and stress. Having said that, we still need an alternative plan to take care of our hair. So, here are a few tips to take care of your tresses in this rainy and humid season:

1.Always ensure that your hair is dry. Always bear in mind that rain is dirty and acidic, so, always keep your hair dry.

2.Make it a regular practice to wash your hair twice in a week. It helps to keep the hair clean and fresh and does not let the dirt settle down. Use a mild yet cleansing shampoo and always wash your hair from root to tip.

3.Break out the old coconut oil and give your hair a good hot oil massage. It helps the hair absorb a lot of moisture and the hair is not frizzy. It also offers deep conditioning. Do not use too much of oil in your hair or you might have to use too much of shampoo to remove the oiliness of your hair.

4.Try not to tie your hair and if you want to tie, try tying it in lose ponytails.

5.Always use a wide comb to sort through your hair. It is usually a good way to not let hair fall.

6.Always use a conditioner after a hair wash. Use it in smaller amounts and let it sit for about 45 seconds and rinse it out.

These are a few tips to beat the hair loss this rainy season. Follow it for gorgeous and good hair.