How to take care of your body after a massage

July 4th, 2018

How to take care of your body after a massage | O2 Spa

Whatever may be the reason for you to take a body massage in the first place, what you really want is to have the lingering effect of a good massage to continue. If there is no feeling of goodness or the relaxed mind and body is tensed up as soon as the massage sessions are over, then you surely feel cheated. You definitely don’t want to lose that lovely, relaxed feeling right away, do you? So, what all can be done after the massage spa to get the most out of it. Usually, with our busy schedule in mind, we do not pay attention to certain aspects of massage regime, but the time that we do, to take care of our body after a proper massage.

Drink: Drink enough fluid to stay hydrated. This helps to flush out the waste/toxins from the lymph bowel that gets accumulated during the process of massage therapy. Do not include caffeine or alcohol as part of your drinks as these are the agents for dehydration

Eat: Massage enhances our metabolism which directly affects our digestive system. So have a small snack just after your session. Most people feel hungry due to the process that triggers faster digestion. Also, care should be taken not to have a full belly before your massage session, as these may congest our bile and food digestive system. Some feel light-headed immediately after the massage session. This happens due to inadequate fuel boost that our body needs to maintain balance.

Rest: Most of us feel sleepy after a good massage session at the O2 Spa. Heading directly back to work or struggling with the traffic is not all that good idea if you wish to revel in that relaxed & rejuvenated state of mind. Schedule your time at the O2 spa in a such a manner that you can go straight back to the sanctuary of your home to just lie down on the couch, sleep or snooze for a while or even just lingering in that wellness in front your TV set can give you that high for a longer time. It is very natural when we snore on the massage bed. The tensed up muscles get the best possible time during a massage session. So do not feel embarrassed or bad if you have snoozed off there and then on the massage table.

Few other things that can be done to take care of our body after the massage can be summed us as,

  1. Do not go for some strenuous activities just after the massage.
  2. Have your full “me” time to revel in it.
  3. Avoid stress and strain as much as possible.

So, just DRINK! EAT! REST!