This Summer, Take Care Of Your Nails and Cuticles

February 21st, 2018

Summer inters, sometimes get the best of us. After the Winter passes and then there is the on-set of summer, it brings with it: dust, dryness, dandruff and a swirl of laziness. It becomes very difficult for us to even get up early in the mornings, let alone take care of our cuticles and nails. Sometimes, people go days without taking a shower in the hot water, so nails and cuticles care to take a back seat.

Though no matter, how difficult it might be, it is a basic requirement and necessity for hygienic purposes to take care of your hands and nails during summer. summer are wet, hot and unforgiving and hence our nails also become dirty. On average, healthy nails require 18 % of water, but with our constant moving in and the hot temperatures, the water content goes away. Hence, dried out nails often break, get chipped or split and in some extreme cases, the nail dies.

So, what can be done to beat the summer and have healthy nails and cuticles?

1. Hydrating your nails is the answer. An intense form of hydrating your nails can make the nails and cuticles flexible, making it tough to break.

2. It is always prudent to apply a thick coating of moisturizer on your nails and cuticles.

3. In your spare time, try to massage your nails a bit because the blood will flow proportionately.

4. Also, keep your nails clean by soaking them up in a solution of normal water and salt.

5. Whenever possible, use oils and keep the hands warm and skin fresh. There will be supple and dewy freshness with the application of oil.

6. Regularly cut your nails and keep them trimmed.

These are few of the tips which you can follow this summer for a healthy and beautiful hand.