How Stress Affects Your Hair Growth

December 14th, 2017

Hair Loss from Stress

Nervous at work? Constantly worried about not completing everything on time? The deplorable result of these experiences, you will soon notice on the comb.

The mechanism of action of stress on hair is very simple. With emotional tension, there is an involuntary contraction of the muscle that holds the hair root in the follicle. Because of this, it squeezes, loses its normal flow of blood and nutrition, and as a result – is damaged. Such a damaged root is no longer able to stay in the follicle and sooner or later it falls out.

But the follicle, compressed by the contracted muscle, is no longer capable of producing healthy hair growth. On the contrary, they grow thin and weakened hair strands, which quickly begin to fall.

If stress is a single phenomenon in life, the damage to several follicles will not affect the overall health of the hair, but if the stress becomes chronic, the hair begins to fall very intensely. This is not so much due to damage to the hair follicles, but due to the systemic negative effects of nervous tension on the body.

With chronic stress, hormonal balance and metabolism can be disturbed. In this case, on the comb, all the time there are impressive bundles of hair, and it becomes absolutely impossible to grow them to the desired length. With very strong stress, even complete baldness can be observed. This is especially true in the case of men.

Stress is the body’s response to any effect that causes the costs of physical and mental energy. Often, it is difficult for a person to cope with stress and get some relief. When a person experiences severe stress, about 70% of hair passes into the phase of cessation of growth, and after three months, fall out begins.

Few suspect that it is because the hair does not drop out suddenly, but about three to six months after a stressful event. Fortunately, in most cases, the hair will begin to grow again in about six months.

However, if stressful situations are prolonged, hair loss can be difficult to restore.To restore the hair try Hair Spa treatment, which releases the stress.

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