How Your Skin Responds to Makeup Products

January 10th, 2018

Skin Reaction to the Makeup Product

We invest so much money on our skin. One of the many ways one spends on cosmetics is for makeup. Makeup is a tool to enhance natural beauty and highlight our best features.

But, do we know that makeup is 100% safe? What are the affects of makeup? Here’s a list of whats and hows.

1.Fights with Moisturizer: If you don’t remove makeup properly at the end of the day, The unremoved makeup causes clogged pores and blocks the replenishment of the skin. You know skin repairs itself while you are sleeping, right? So, give your best to remove the makeup before hitting the big Zs.

Solution: Remove makeup with a face wash followed by moisturizing.

2.Gives Irritation/ Allergies: Cosmetic ingredients give you an allergic reaction and irritation. This is called as ‘Contact Dermatitis’. There are two types to this. First one, “Irritant Contact Dermatitis”, the most common reaction which affects the uppermost protective layer of skin and the second one “Allergic Contact Dermatitis” which triggers an allergen immune reaction inside your skin. It leads to Neurodermatitis (lichen simplex chronicus). To be put simple, it’s bad news for your skin.

3.Infections:‘Food and Drug Administration’ for cosmetic companies provide expiration dates on the products to protect the customer from infection. Products like mascara as 3 months and foundation for 1 year should not be used post their expiration. Do you know mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria? So, FDA advises customer not to use expired cosmetics. To avoid infections, store cosmetic properly in hygenic places. Also, avoid sharing the cosmetics with friends or family members. Bacteria knows no relationship.

4.“Organic” Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe: “An ingredient’s source doesn’t determine it is safe” said by the FDA. For example, plants may or may not grow in organic habituals. Some plants have toxic properties that cause severe skin problems.

If you get more reaction from the use of a cosmetic product, stop using the product immediately and go to a dermatologist.

Some tips to avoid harmful affects of your beauty products.

1.Check for the product with the fewest ingredients. This reduces bad reactions.

2.Before you buy a new product, apply a small amount on your elbow. If it is not causing any redness, itching, swelling or burning in that area, then it is safe for use.

3.Check the product label and see if it is dermatologically tested.

4.Clean your makeup brushes and applicators every week to avoid bacteria causing agents.

5.Stop using the beauty product immediately, if the makeup doesn’t smell good. It is probably a house of bacteria or has way too many harmful chemicals, which may not suit everyone’s skin. All beauty products won’t cause infections, irritation, allergies, etc. High-quality beauty products and dermatology tested beauty products are safe for use. However, do test before use.

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