Skin Care Tips To Follow Every Day

December 18th, 2017

Daily Skin Care Tips for good face

Pollution, traffic and dust are all health hazards for us. Our skin always faces the brunt of it. All the pores in our skin are filled with dirt, oily substances, which lead to white heads, black heads, acne, skin tan and often, skin burns. We all are blessed with different skin tones- some people constitute of an oily pH, while some have dry skins and lucky are those who are blessed with balanced skin.

All said and done, we still lose the sheen of our face every day. The radiance and the glow of the skin are lost. Toxins, bacterial infection, dust are residents of our skin. So, what can we do to have bouncy, soft and great skin?

It is prudent to follow a regular skin routine to have that flawless and beautiful glow we all long for. Here are a few steps, which one can be followed as a daily skin care tips.

1.Wash your face twice in a day. Once, compulsorily after you come back from work. We all forget the efficacy of a simple face wash routine.

2.Use a face wash in coherence to your skin type. Use a mild soap base for dry skin, while use tea-tree oil extracts face wash for oily skin type.

3.Cleanse and scrub your face once in every week without fail.

4.Moisturise your face every day before going to sleep.

5.Use sun screen every day, no matter the skin type.

6.Eat right. Supplement your diet with lots of water, fruits and leafy vegetables.

7.After a night out or work, always remove your makeup with a makeup remover or alive oil.

8.Last and the most important, treat your skin right. Get a massage and a facial every fortnight or month depending on your skin requirements.

With a Body Wraps and an Organic Facial, you can feel all the nutrients and nourishment of your skin being retained. Feel all that lost youth come back when your skin feels supple and rejuvenated.

Are there any other tips that you know to have healthy and clear skin? Let us know in the comments below.