Shampooing? Know the right way?

October 26th, 2017


Your hair play a key role in your beauty and you have always been trying to maintain them in the best way. Right from a young age, we think a lot about our hair, how they look and how they feel. But did you ever wonder about the way you wash your hair? Is it the right manner?

The right way of cleaning your hair can make a lot of difference in the hair’s luster, bounce and appearance. Think about it, the right way you go and you get your hair as good as you want! Go through the following guidelines for shampooing your hair and enjoy the benefits.

1. Rinse your hair well

Begin your hair wash with thorough rinsing of your hair, which leaves your hair thoroughly wet for applying shampoo. For added benefits, rinse with warm water, as it opens the cuticle and cleans the hair much better.

2. Long hair ones should condition first!

Yes! It is important to save the brittle ends from drying out, thus apply little conditioner through them and rinse well. This restores your hair’s health and boosts luster.

3. Make dense lather, but only at scalp

The right way to have foam is from the roots to the ends of your hair. Most of the dirt is stuck as the roots, while the ends are quite dry. Hence, more lather is required at the scalp to clean your hair well.

4. Apply mild pressure only

Do not think that the harder you rinse, the cleaner the hair be. Instead, they start falling off. Friction can damage your hair in the long term. The right way to rinse is applying vertical strokes with light pressure, which increases blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth.

5. Apply conditioner mid length onwards

Squeeze out the water before you condition your hair, and gently apply the conditioner from mid length to the ends. The longer the conditioner stays in, the better the results. Since natural oil from the scalp is present at the roots, thus do not apply conditioner right at the roots.

6. Cold water rinse at the last

This helps the cuticle to shut tight which helps to reflect most of the light. Rinse well, and pat your hair till dry with gentle strokes using a towel.