Why Scrubbing Your Skin Is Important?

March 6th, 2018

Why Scrubbing Your Skin Is Important?

Skin is our outer most layers of protection and also the most exposed part of the body. Much can be talked about regarding its protection and conservation in terms of cosmetic or otherwise interventions. We may have a very solid regime of cleansing, moisturizing, using night/day creams or slather sunscreen, but scrubbing on a regular basis will yield the desired result of having a healthy and radiant skin.

Periodic exfoliating skin with a granular substance that helps in removing dead skin cells should be very much, a part of any beauty regime.

What and why of Exfoliation:

Since cell regeneration is a continuous process, just below the surface of the skin, newer layer of skin is present. This means dead skin cells on the skin’s surface needs removal by either using scrubs or chemicals, having special acidic components that can dissolve and remove dead skin. The skin looks dull and lifeless when a pile of old and dead skin is on the surface. A time to look deep into the reason for such listless skin and take remedial action to undo those clogged pores. Usually, when left for long, the skin develops a rash like blemishes and acne. The practice of smearing of lotions and creams further worsens the situation.

Fresh and younger looking skin surfaces once proper exfoliation is done on the skin. Of course, it varies from different skin tones but the fact remains that every skin needs scrubbing to wear a healthy look. Secondly, with open pores, the application of lotions and moisturizers gains deeper reach and effect on the overall health of the skin.

What is the best way to Scrub?

What is the best way to adopt a method of scrubbing that has long-term gain?

For the sensitive or acne prone skin-types, products and treatment practice needs to be carefully adapted to avoid more damage than benefits. Professionals should be consulted in such cases. From time immemorial, women have been engaged in scrubbing the skins with various homegrown methods. However, with the science of cosmetology, women of all ages has become very aware and alert as to what product mix and what brand of services to be sourced to have the best result of their skin which impacts the inner psyche of all human beings.

Scrubbing and exfoliating your skin should be limited to once a week ritual rather ever so often. Overdoing it may irritate, damage and can leave your skin feeling dry. Aging can be beautiful with a radiant skin if we nurture it carefully.

What are your secrets to scrubbing?