Salubrious/Healthy Benefits of Massage

October 13th, 2017

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy We know that massage is the most familiar word to the society. Let me start with a small introduction of ‘Massage’. Massage can be a powerful way to recharge your physical and mental health. What is a ‘Massage’? It’s a simple process done to the muscular structure and soft body tissues. muscles, Muscles include, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments of the human body, etc.,. Massage has been in practice for thousands of years around the world and it’s a natural treatment for both mental and physical stress. Types of massage:

1.Swedish Massage Service:It is a perfect massage used to stimulate blood circulation and involves basic pressing strokes by the massage therapist.

Benefits: Releives Pain Improves Blood Flow

2.Deep Tissue Massage Service:This massage involves in deep tissue/muscle movements to affect the sub-layer of the system. They used to treat chronic muscular pain and arthritis.

Benefits: Stress Relief Lowers the Heart rate and blood pressure

3.Thai Massage Service:It is an ancient healing system, a combination of acupressure and Indian Ayurvedic principles.The massage is performed on a mat, on the floor instead of a table. It features stroking and positioning, which stimulates functioning of tissues and organs, according to certain energy lines.

Benefits: Mobilises the Joints Stabilizes Energy

4.Aromatherapy Massage: It is an alternative medicine practice to utilize fragrant/aromatic organic oils that are from wide varieties of healing plants.When used in therapy, clientele overcome various health issues without any need of medication.

Benefits: Cures Insomnia Cures Respiratory infections

These are the body massage services in Pune. We provide some other massage services like head massage, neck and back massage, and more! To experience the benefits of massage,  make a call right away to O2 Spa massage service centre in Pune and book appointment in your nearest O2 Spa outlet, for the best prices! Happy Massage!