The rose gold look for your eyes!

May 15th, 2018

The rose gold look for your eyes!

The rose gold trend has been taking everything down by storm! Read on as our expert makeup artists give you tips and tricks to nail the rose gold look!

The rose gold cat eye

Use a golden eye liner to nail the perfect cat eye and then add a shimmer of rose on your eyelids. The perfect recipe to become a diva!

Rose Gold lids

This is just to add the ‘shadowy effect.’ All you have to do is, use a rose gold eye shadow to shimmer up your lids!

Rose Gold shimmer

Although this accentuates the eye, this look has nothing to do with the yes! Weird, right? Here’s what you have to do: Add a dab of rose gold shimmer to your cheekbones and voila see how wonderfully they highlight your eyes!

Lids of Rose

Highlight your cheeks and eyelids with a rose hue. This look doesn’t need the golden shade at all.

Gold smoky eye

This will need a pigmented rose gold eye shadow and is great for women with darker skin tones. You can achieve this look in 3 steps: Apply. Smudge. Repeat!

Pink frost

For women with a fair skin tone, a shadow that has more of the rose shade in it will work wonders! The rose shadow adds a flush to pale skin and makes it glow.

Shimmery Brows

Apart from the eye shadows and shimmer on the cheekbones, here’s another way to incorporate the rose gold look into your eye make-up: rose gold eyebrow shimmer!

Got any more tips and tricks? Share with us in the comments below!