Respiration Problems? Massages can help

June 27th, 2018

Respiration Problems? Massages can help

Starting right from stress relief to muscle relaxation, you probably already know it all about massages and its umpteen benefits.

But, here’s something new: Massage Therapy goes a long way in relieving respiratory issues and also help with the post-surgical discomforts.

So, how do massages help with respiratory problems?

Directly alleviates medical conditions

Respiratory issues such as sinus problems, asthma, bronchitis, allergies are a set of conditions that can immensely benefit from massage therapies. If you’ve been suffering from any of these, undergoing a massage therapy can show positive results.

Relaxes respiratory muscles

A lot of muscles in the front and back part of the body are accessory respiratory muscles. The moment these muscles tighten up, respiratory problems come to the fore. Massages target these muscles and help ease them thereby making respiration easier.

Massages and posture

Massages greatly improve posture, which leads to the opening up of the chest. This promotes optimal functioning of the lungs.

Tapotement and Swedish massage

Tapotement, one of the techniques used in a Swedish massage is an extremely beneficial method to relieve respiratory issues.

It is even more productive when it’s performed along with vibrations on the back. It loosens the mucus in lungs and clears the airway for improved lung function.

Respiratory issues during pregnancy

A lot of women suffer from distressed breathing during pregnancy. Research shows that compared to women who did not undergo massages during their pregnancy, women who opted for massages were able to breathe easier during labor and barely suffered from lower back pain.

Post-Surgical recovery

A lot of respiratory conditions require surgery or in that case, even other medical surgeries can lead to respiratory conditions in the beginning. Massages are known to work wonders in such cases too. A massage therapy helps in speedy recovery post surgeries.

Interestingly, with more and more research, massages are proving to be beneficial for many medical conditions and ailments. If you’ve been suffering from a chronic condition, consult your doctor and a massage therapist to understand how well massages can help with your recovery.