Relationship Between Your Body And A Massage

April 9th, 2018

Relationship Between Your Body And A Massage

Massage, all over the globe is no more looked at it as a “spa treatment” anymore, rather as a therapeutic tool- a powerful one at that. I know of few cases where after losing a very dear family member, the lady could get back her semblance through regular massage sessions. In another similar case, it was a young man who took solace in therapeutic massage and spa after losing her sweetheart. As per their narration, the clenched up nerves after such shock gets knotted within which the massage can remove and restore normalcy in somebody’s life. Massage can and does have a totally symbiotic relationship with our body.

Our daily lives expose us to very strenuous and stressful days where we crane, curve, bend, or sit for long hours leaving our body and mind to tatters. Such lifestyle leads to chronic musculoskeletal tension restricting proper blood flow and nutrient supplies to all parts of our operational organs. Thankfully Massage helps to break such stress-inducing patterns, and in turn, helps the body back into a natural state of balance.

Of the various benefits that your body gains out of massage, few key ones are, Ensures Deep Sleep: Notice the difference between the days that you have sourced a massage session with the other when you have not. The sleep that you would get after the massage session is deeper and relaxed one. Some even sleep on the massage couch itself.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure: Massage improves circulation in our body. The heart too beats better with the regulated blood flow.

2. Alleviates Anxiety: As said before, the anxious minds get soothed with touch therapy. Massage helps to lower the body’s levels of cortisol, a hormone which triggers anxiety level.

3. Good for Lower-Back Pain: Majority of the working class experience back pains over a period of time. Good news is massage wins over the sensation of pain. More lasting and long-term relief is guaranteed with regular massage sessions.

4. Soothes Headaches: as we all have experienced at some point or other stress leads to headaches. The trigger points are the shoulder (where it knots the tissues) and neck that relays pain to the head. Pressure and massage in these areas often reduce chronic headaches.

5. Treats Depression: Well, this is one area that the whole generation is fearful of and also falling victims to. It is evident that a good massage can generate positive psychological implications through nurturing touch from the therapist. More and more people hence are actively seeking and sourcing massage as an assured tool to help alleviate depression.