Rejuvenate with Deep Tissue Massage

October 16th, 2017

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Are you looking for massage therapies to remove physical and mental stress? To remove the deep layers of physical and mental stress, O2 Spa introduced Deep Tissue Massage/Sports Massage What is Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy? Deep-Tissue massage/Sports Massage use firm pressure and slow traits to reach deep layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles). It is used for chronic pain and shrink areas such as stiff neck and upper lower back, back pain, leg tightness and painful shoulders. This spa treatment is mainly recommended for Sportsperson.

Deep Tissue Massage involves two main techniques:

1)Tapping: Deep sliding pressure along the length of muscle fibres using the elbow, forearm knots and inches.

2)Kneading: Frictional pressure applied through the grain of the muscle to release adhesion from the fibres. Our professionals help to do customized body massage according to client requirement, which is unique and one can experience maximum benefits of Deep-Tissue Massage at O2 Spa.


1)Treats chronic back pain:It recovers your body from chronic pain compared to other traditional massages. It also helps in the easy flow of blood and oxygen to the body and decreases the inflammation, which causes pain.

2)Stress Reliever:

In hi-tech life, stress is one the most pressing problems. Stress not only physically impacts you, but also mentally, emotionally and reduces a person’s focus. Deep Tissue Massage helps you release the stress of muscular tension, which improves healthy lifestyle and de-stress.

3)Improves Blood Flow:

Deep Tissue Massage helps in Deep muscle friction and relief pressures are incontestable to boost blood flow. New studies explain that there is an improvement in blood circulation in sportspeople and non-exercisers, suggesting the benefit beyond the area and muscle injuries, and associated pain. Blood-Pressure and Heart Rate can be controlled/improved with the help of intense tissue massage.


If you went through any surgeries, therapy, radiation or if you are pregnant, avoid Deep Tissue Massage.