What is the procedure for a Body Wrap?

June 28th, 2018

What is the procedure for a Body Wrap?

Body wraps are the elastic and more intense cousin of massages. Body wraps are known for their highly beneficial values of slimming, detoxifying and hydrating. Body wraps as a subjective matter can fill a whole book. There are different types of body wraps. Some body wraps detoxify, whilst other rejuvenate and hydrate and some can also demineralise the body. All the body wraps have the most common types of start that is to exfoliate. It is very important for the body wraps to penetrate the skin as deeply s possible. It provides an intense soothing and nourishing effect.

There are different types of body wraps and all can be classified into this 3 broad categories:

  1. Detox body wraps
  2. Slimming body wraps
  3. Hydrating body wraps

So let us now understand what happens during a body wrap?

While it is not a massage, a body wrap essentially should begin with an exfoliation, and a natural scrub which works as a body polish and is much superior to dry brushing. The recipient lays down on the matter that will eventually be wrapped in. Very often it is a thin plastic sheet or sometimes it turns out to be towels or sheets. As we have discussed that a body wrap may not be a massage, but it can very well be incorporated into a massage. The massage therapist who works on your body to apply the product of the body wrap, they naturally incorporate massage techniques as they apply the product. The use different massaging strokes which not only helps the product penetrate into the skin better but it also gives the recipient a warm and fuzzy feeling. There is deep comfort when a body wrap is combined with a massage.

Mostly when the product is on, then the recipient is wrapped into a warm cocoon and left alone for about 20 minutes. Normally the massage therapist leaves the room, but sometimes they stay back and give you a befitting scalp massage. It makes the whole body wrap process a process of holistic well-being. It marks the overall relaxation of the mind, body and soul. There is a deeper connection of the body and the relaxation which ascends down the body is quite remarkable.

Body wraps are designed to cleanse as well as get rid of all the pain in the body. It acts as a combining agent when a massage therapist applies the body wrap product on the recipient.