The Power Of Deep Tissue Massage

October 26th, 2017

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage which involves applying firm pressure and soft strokes that reach all layers of the muscles and fascia. A boon to ease chronic pain for target areas such as upper back, leg muscles, low back and stiff neck, this massage style has several benefits for you.

The massage begins with applying gentle strokes with normal pressure as a warm up for the muscles. Later, pressure is applied in specific areas with special techniques to remove pain and relax the body. Deep tissue massage involves two major skills used to bring the best results which are as follows:

1. Friction: pressure is applied across the muscles’ grain to let go of adhesions and bring tissue fibers in a god functional condition.

2. Stripping: using elbow, forearm, thumbs and knuckles, firm pressure is applied along the direction of your muscle fibers.

The massage technique has been in presence since the age of ancient civilizations, where Egyptians and Chinese civilizations used similar expertise to soothe muscles, release pain and allow the body to relax. This age old technique has several benefits for you to know.

1. Releases chronic back pain

A brief course of deep tissue massage alone can be a great help to fight off the back pain as the pressure along and across the fiber provides ease for the body.

2. Helps in controlling high blood pressure

The massage therapy lowers the high blood pressure of the body as it soothes the blood vessels with the pressure applied.

3. Helps get rid of chronic stress

Chronic pain over a long period of time can have adverse results such as longer recovery time, weakness, less immunity strength and cardiovascular issues. Deep tissue massage is indeed a boon as it fights off all of these factors, and boosts oxytocin production in the body.

4. Advances athletic recovery

Studies have proven that the strokes and skills applied in deep tissue massage delay muscle soreness and fatigue, improve injury treatment and lactate clearance.

5. Provides ease in labor pain

As the therapy reduces anxiety issues, back pain and pacify the muscles, it is a good option for pregnant women too. Studies show that women who undergo deep tissue massages before and during labor pain face a lesser amount of labor pain.