When you should not take a massage?

July 5th, 2018

When you should not take a massage?

We do feel like taking a good massage when we are feeling low or in pain. Also when we are tired or have returned from a tour, we try to make an appointment at the O2 spa for a special treat of relaxation. However, caution should be taken to identify bodily ailments that may be detrimental to taking massage as the condition may deteriorate.

If you have the chronic or acute physical condition/ under medications, one must consult with the physician before scheduling an appointment in massage/spa centers. Any uneasiness must be reported to the therapist at O2 spa centers since he/she has to understand and recommend an appropriate course of action.

As harmless as a massage may feel or sound, still there are times when one should abstain from taking it there are chances of adversely affecting your health. The list of contraindications may be quite long, but to put it broadly, following may be the conditions in which massage sessions need to be avoided.

  • Fever: Your body is busy fighting the virus that has weakened your system. Since a massage increases blood circulation, it will hamper the process of healing.
  • High/low blood pressure: Under this condition, any pressure on our body must be judged and applied, as massage affects our blood vessels. A soothing light massage may be beneficial.
  • Any infectious disease/inflammation: Any such condition in our body may get worse with massage as the body is busy fighting the virus. Around any inflammation or cut, massage can be done, with care.
  • Osteoporosis: Most of the elderly clients have this issue with their bones being brittle or porous. Intense massage may damage the skeletal bones and muscles further.
  • Skin irritation: If for some reason your skin is sensitive or you are having some skin problems such as burns, boils, blisters, rashes, wounds, or bruise massage may not be a good idea.
  • Sports/accident injuries: If there has been a mishap and you have a broken body part, massage at that point in time may be counterproductive.
  • Other illnesses and diseases: Cancer, diabetes, asthma, and HIV or any other serious conditions with the person, proper consultation and precaution are necessary for gaining out of massage therapy. One ought to divulge the current condition with the therapist at O2 spa and then as per advice may opt for massage sessions.

Usually, patients with any condition feel like taking up massage to soothe and relax to feel a bit better. But caution & care should be taken all the time for such patients.