When should you not get a massage?

May 23rd, 2018

When should you not get a massage?

Massages are great. However, there are certain conditions that get worse when you get a massage done.

Here’s a list of conditions where massages are a strict no-no!

Fever: During a fever the body is constantly trying to expel infections. On the contrary getting a massage done increases the circulation and actually spreads the infection further.

Inflammation: Massages only further damage inflamed areas. The best bet is to massage around inflamed area and stay away from the affected area.

High blood pressure: Massages put high pressure on blood vessels so people with high blood pressure should get sedating massages if at all.

Infectious diseases: In case of infectious diseases massages are not a good idea at all. The virus will spread and infect the therapist too!

Osteoporosis: Massages can get too intense for people with porous, fragile and brittle bones.

Skin Diseases: It’s best to steer clear of massages when affected by skin problems. The infection might spread and worsen the condition further.

Even in common conditions like the flu or in the case of a broken bone, it is advisable that getting a massage is delayed until the condition has gone. Massages are meant to relax you not to make you feel worse. So, hold on until you get better!