New hairstyles to try in 2018

July 11th, 2018

New hairstyles to try in 2018 | O2 Spa

Well, it’s 2018 already and we are still wondering where did 2017 go? But, our inner self says, ‘Hey! It is New Year and spring is here.’ What’s new in the hair styling this season? The New Year brings with it a ton of new hair styles and new trends which, all of us are more than eager to follow. We are always in spirit to experiment the new hairdos and looks which, our plain and simple hair fails to do. Hair is the most beautiful feature one can play with. It can be accessorised in many ways. Whether it is the return of pigtails or the braids we are interested to understand what ticks off this season. What makes us look young and zany?

Here is a list of some of the new hairstyles to try and rock in 2018:

Keep the curls:

2018 is all about roughing the edge. It is all about getting those curls a flair and making them bigger and better. Try out the hot iron today and kink out the curls in a fancier and bigger way. Give path to an unconventional look.

Dirty blonde:

The celebrity folk have spoken. From the A-list actors to the influencers all have been slaying the dirty blonde look. Keep the roots dark and the length of the hair a bit lighter. Kim K has been promoting her Yeezy brand with the dirty blonde look. This fad is definitely here to stay.

Bouncy and large:

The fashion police have given the nod to our favourite 80’s rocker look. The big and bouncy disco retro look is back. The big hair has volume and has manageability as well. It mattes volume and gives the hair the big bounce it needs.

School girl braids:

The messy braid is now old history. The more symmetrical, pristine and shiny braid is now in. It looks defined and gives your hair a neat and professional approach. Try this on for your next up-coming business meetings.

Hair bands:

Hair bands were our go-to style gear back in the 90’s. We were all inspired by Anjali in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and followed her style to the dot. Looks like hair bands are back in the fad in 2018. They rocked the fashion week and it’s time for them to slay your hair do. They are the easiest hair trend to fix and make one’s hair look extra preppy and girly.

Would you try any of these hairstyles? Try them and let us know your opinions in the comments section below.