How to Nail a French Manicure?

May 10th, 2017

French Manicure Advice

The French manicure is the perfect and ultimate chic style, big thanks to the current craze for nail art that are in infinite wow forms and styles. The elegant white tip and natural nail is the best option to go for if you prefer an elegant and polished look on the nails.

Follow these simple steps for a perfect French Manicure:
  1. Firstly remove the old nail paint thoroughly with an acetone free nail remover. This helps to keep your nails healthy.
  2. French manicure looks splendid with longer nails, so don’t trim them close to the finger tips and maintain the desired length.
  3. Soak the nail in a bowl of warm water or olive oil for at least three minutes to soften the cuticles and makes them easier to push back. Use a cuticle pusher to clip off the dead skin and hangnails.
  4. Apply a base coat of nail pain on to the nails. Paint from the cuticle to the nail tip with the brush angled forward. Make sure the bas is completely dry before the applying the second coat.
  5. Paint your nails with white tip horizontally, from one side to the other. Do two coats and then tidy up the line by using a concealer brush dipped into a nail remover.
  6. Add a clear top coat to protect the look of your freshly painted nails. Using a top coat will help the manicure to last longer.
  7. Scotch tape or moleskin pads can be used to colour the tips perfectly white in shape.

Preparation and practice are the best keys to achieving a perfect French manicure if you are doing it by yourself. Otherwise, you can opt for the best beauty services in your city for the foolproof French manicure.