Mehendi is the new Tattoo: Know How to do Mehendi Designs

November 27th, 2017


Who doesn’t know about Mehendi in India? It is an inseparable part of Indian Culture. People in India won’t celebrate wedding without a ceremony dedicated exclusively for Mehendi. There are different types of Mehendi styles in the world. As India is the hub of different cultures, people around the world have adopted different styles of Mehendi.

Different styles of Mehendi

1 Pakistani Style: It is famous in every region because its application is most detailed and takes longer time to apply.

2 Indian Mehendi: The pattern contains mostly big circles filled with product in the middle of palm with big and thick dots around. Tip of fingers filled with Mehendi product.

3 Arabian Mehendi: The patterns include flowers, vines and leaves.

4 African Mehendi: The pattern includes geometric figures and dots.

5 Egyptian Mehendi: This pattern includes dragons, fire and pythons.

Relationship between Tattoos and Mehendi:

People go crazy about tattoos, but most of us opt out because of the pain and the maintenance. Another reason being, tattoos being permanent, but mehendi will wash away in few days. So, Mehendi as an alternative to a permanent tattoo.

Now-a-days, countries around the world are going crazy about Mehendi. With men and women, understanding the significance behind Mehendi and embracing the beauty of Mehendi. Best part? It doesn’t damage the skin and never causes pain.

Mehendi is a natural pigment made of Henna leaves. Ready-made Henna comes in a tube. This lasts for up to 10 days or longer and creates a brownish red “tattoo”. Mehendi has a medicinal property, which helps lower body temperature. It is good for skin and nails.

Tattoos with Mehendi may be temporary but it gives you unique design with no pain. Mehendi is inexpensive and resembles the look and feel of a real tattoo. The main advantage of Mehendi is that you can change your design frequently and enjoy different types of styles, which match according to your mood, dress and occasions.

A Mehendi-tattoo design can be applied on neck, hands, arms, shoulders, back of the neck, on the back, feet etc.

Note: Black Mehendi has chemicals in it. It has chances of damaging your skin Would you replace the heat-absorbing mehendi over a painful tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!