Massages And Its Lasting Effects

March 23rd, 2018

Massages And Its Lasting Effects

Great way to get rid of chronic pain

Deep tissue massage is a form of massage treatment that involves the massage therapist using a certain amount of pressure to relieve the trapped muscle tension and knots throughout your body.

Even through the course of our daily lives, we accumulate so much tension in our body but we don’t realise it until and unless there’s a sharp pain radiating throughout our body. That is exactly where, deep tissue massage steps in to help out!

Beat the anxiety

Research shows that massage therapy is known to improve and maintain sleep patterns because of its ability to reduce overall stress.

Getting a massage done has improved the sleep quality in people including people who suffer from anxiety.

Because of its ability to improve the quality of sleep, it also automatically reduces signs of irritability and restlessness in people suffering from anxiety. And the best part is? This in turn leads to increased concentration levels!

A release for your emotions

Every time we are touched, the emotions that are related to that touch are stored in our tissues.

This not just happens with positive emotions but also negative ones like fear, stress, sadness and anger.

These emotions show in the form of improper posture and more often in stiff joints and muscles.

This is exactly why, if we have a lot of negative emotions stored up in your mind, they tend to come out in the form of tears while your muscles relax after a massage.

The good news is: Massages have a healing touch. They not only release the physical tension in your body but also help you get in touch with your emotions and let go of the negative ones.

The physical benefits

• Frees the body of harmful toxicants.

• Relieves strained, overworked and sore muscles.

• Magically nourishes your skin and gives you an instant glow

• Reverses sleep disorders, migraines, and tension headaches

• Boosts your immunity level and blood circulation

Probably what you’re thinking is, massages have a midas touch. Why wait then? Book a massage appointment at your nearest beauty salon right away!