How Massages Influence Your Thought Process

March 26th, 2018

How Massages Influence Your Thought Process

This is probably the most fascinating thing you’re going to read today: Just like our body releases a lot of physical stress and tension while we receive a massage, our muscles release an emotional response too.

And the most amusing part is: emotional responses during massages are quite common. These responses manifest in many forms: a sigh, laughter, twitching or tears.

A lot of people cry during massages

Research shows that our bodies hold memories of trauma that happened a long time ago.

When our muscles finally relax after receiving a massage, the held up emotions are released too.

It is usually a sign of “letting go.”

You could also get flashbacks

Flashbacks during massages also happen as a part of the same memory mechanism.According to psychology, if, during the massage, the body is touched in the same way as it was during the trauma, the body is pushed into thinking that the trauma is repeating itself. If you have a happy memory of a similar touch then the body releases dopamines (feel-good hormones). Either way, you’re letting go of help-up emotions.

The reason behind these emotions

It happens because of one simple reason: touch.

Every time we are touched, the emotions that are related to that touch are stored in our tissues.

This not just happens with positive emotions but also negative ones like fear, stress, sadness and anger.

These emotions show in the form of improper posture and more often in stiff joints and muscles.

This is exactly why, if we have a lot of negative emotions stored up in your mind, they tend to come out in the form of tears while your muscles relax after a massage.

The good news is: Massages have a healing touch. They not only release the physical tension in your body but also help you get in touch with your emotions and let go of the negative ones.