How Massages Detox Your Body?

April 9th, 2018

How Massages Detox Your Body?

Up until recently, a massage or a visit to spa has been looked as an extravaganza, an indulgence. But not anymore, more and more studies and researches show how massage helps our body to benefit from massage by, of not just relaxation, but to detoxify. A cleaner body is a cleaner and healthier life.

Harmful micro-organisms, microscopic particles like asbestos and chemicals accumulate within our body due to exposure to environmental pollutants over a long period of time. Although our body has a its own method of detoxification through lymphatic system, but unfortunately all the waste produces do not get drained out through the body mechanism alone.

Massage involves stroking, kneading, and circular motions on our body for a certain length of time that stimulates and energizes our circulatory system. Interestingly this works like a sponge, when pressure is applied to muscles and tissues it squeezes out the fat and toxin from our body cells de-toxifying the circulatory system.

A typical lymph drainage massage helps regeneration of white blood cells and also helps in removing toxins from our lymph nodes, leading to a relaxed state with the pain points gone. As we all are aware the stress and strains emanates from our living style ultimately inhibits our immune system, a massage aimed to detox comes as a boon to our whole survival system. Technically speaking, during a massage, your therapist will tend to focus on your lymph nodes first, helping to drain lymph fluids to the largest lymph vessels. Then the trunk and other parts of the body will be massaged for proper assimilation. That is the reason after every massage session, lots of drinking water is recommended which helps the body wastes to flow out through urination.

Our lymph system is dependent on what we eat, what exercise regime we follow, even how we breathe and the massage that we take from time-to-time. This is so, as it does not have a natural pumping and draining system as heart. Most of us are very casual about our exercising and diet habits, which makes it more important to rely on the massage session, which to some extent would help detoxifying our whole system to improve our immunity.

Over and above we need to include and adhere to few other things like,

a)Fruits & vegetable in our daily diet

b)Sweat out through light exercise

c)Plenty of rest and sleep

d)Hydrate with plenty of water and watery substances

To recover your body from everything.