Makeup Products One Must NEVER Use

January 17th, 2018

Makeup Product You Never Use Make up is used to enhance your appearance. Egyptians were the first people who used cosmetics to enhance your beauty. Now- a-days, makeup plays an important role for both men and women. The importance of makeup services has increased as many people want to look attractive. It looks good if your makeup process and the products used by the makeup services are good. What if they went wrong? Here are some important products which one should never use in their life:
  1. Unprepared Skin:
Some people believe that it is not necessary to use a moisturizing or matting base before applying makeup. Not using a proper base can permanently damage your skin gradually. Use a primer and moisturizer before your basic foundation routine.
  1. Baseless Foundation:
Even with a well-chosen tone, you can get in trouble if you put it sloppily. Applying a foundation with hands makes it difficult to distribute it evenly. The end result is chalky and striped look, which doesn’t give off a nice feel or look. It is better to use a special brush or sponge for applying foundation.
  1. Using Expired Makeup:
Using makeup that has been expired months or weeks ago will not only make your skin stinky and chalky, it can also cause some serious damage to your skin and other areas of the face. Apart from this, some products can cause cancer in the long run if used after expiry. This is straight up a No-no.  
  1. Dipping makeup brushes in water:
We all love makeup brushes and love their utility. But, if these brushes are being dipped into water for a second in order to pick up more product from the palette(s), you’re creating a bacteria-breeding atmosphere in your palettes and on your face too.  Moisture causes the product to react differently, which helps in creating a bacteria-breeding ground. Just DON’T dip the makeup brush in water.  
  1. Using too much of highlights:
Well, It’s a given that everyone wants to shine for the gods. But, using too might highlight on your skin not only makes your skin extra oily, but also magnifies your pores and exposes the real texture of your skin, which is completely against the sole purpose of makeup.   So, those were some makeup products that one should never use and one should stay away from. Do you have any other tips? Let us know in the comments below!