How Does Makeup Interfere With Your Hormonal Balance?

February 8th, 2018


While makeup is a fascinating concept and using it is very transcending as well, it does interfere with your hormonal balance. While everything is in moderation is a good practice. Anything in excess is a cause to worry about. Using makeup is a good practice as it gives a confidence boost to women and men alike.

In many studies, it has been noticed that when women used to wear makeup, they release their happy hormones which makes them exuberate more radiance, comfort and hence, the happiness reflects. While, all of that is a good practice, it becomes very tough when makeup is used in excess.

Apart from the obvious effects on our personality, makeup has effects on our emotions as well. Makeup has been shown to increase positive emotions and has been seen influencing the endocrinological system. There have been a few studies which have shown numerous positive effects such as a reduction in the stress level and strengthening of our immune system.

However, apart from the positive effects of makeup on our hormones, there have been a few negative effects of makeup on our body and hormones such as cancer, more importantly, breast cancer caused by the chemicals used in the makeup. These xenoestrogens present in the makeup are known to cause adverse effects on the endocrine functioning of the body and can lead to early puberty, obesity, diabetes, cancer, liver cancer, neurobiological disorders and a lot more.

All of our skincare products or makeup contain a few of the ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, oxybenzone and other toxins, they are shown to have harmful effects and are known indicators of causing hormonal imbalance and have the signs of being carcinogenic. Carcinogenic is the indication that these toxins may cause cancer and increase our chances to be affected by cancer.

Now, in excess is an issue. Moderation is fine. So be careful and use your makeup and skin care products in moderation and use products which are safe to use. Always throw out the makeup products as soon as the expiration date has run due.

What other changes have you experienced during and after wearing makeup? Let us know in the comments below!