Why the Makeup Industry is Booming?

December 12th, 2017


Appearance and beauty have always been a major aspect of women’s lives, because appearance reflects your present-ability, regardless of the era, century or decade. Up to mid-19th century, trends and styles have been so slow and had less importance, but in the 20th century, trends and styles grew up faster and faster from decade to decade. The changes in cosmetology, dressing style, accessories and hairstyles are drastically different when compared to the ancient times.

These changes provide awareness into the social roles of women, as well as how women view themselves. The history of cosmetology reveals about physical beauty and physical beauty only.

History: Makeup is in use for a long time (almost 6000 years old). A kind of soft rock known, as Red Ochre is used by Egyptians by crushing the rock and was used as a pigment for red and luscious lips. Kohl is used as Kajal and eye-liner to the eyes. In the 19th century, makeup products were very poisonousness, they made up of arsenic acids or lead, which kills your brain cells and causes damage to your skin. Which is why, you’re viewed as “bad” or “impure” if you wore so much makeup.

History of Lipstick: It is first found in Egypt. The Egyptians mix iodine with bromine, which gives out red colour. They apply that to lips and cheeks, but it is a very deadly combination, which causes serious diseases. Makeup industry from this century has changed since because beauty is supposed to enhance your looks not destroy them. Now-a-days, the makeup industry is adopting to the changes as to what customer needs and is looking for, to enhance the beauty. For example, Introducing liquid lipstick which gives shine and soft finish to lip texture.

Later the makeup industry adopted various different products like eyeliner, mascara, kajal, eyeshadows, according to the customers’ needs. Changing their products’ quality and giving the safest product to the customer.

This factor leads makeup industry to the top because people are never going to think “hey, I want to look ugly” no. people are always trying to look their best selves and that’s the market that will never die for centuries. Which is why, makeup industry is booming so hard on fire.

Using make-up is to enhance your beauty. It improves your confidence, hides your flaws and gives you flawless skin and makes you look younger. Cosmetic Industries capture that as their market and inventing a different type of makeup products to enhance the beauty.

For example: Before the 80s, we only had foundation for makeup but later we got to know about primer, which makes the foundation stay longer.

Now, we got HD foundation, which doesn’t cake up or appear on the skin, really. It completely blends into your skin.

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