Why is Makeup Everyone’s Mask to be Confident?

December 4th, 2017

Does your face look odd with dark spots, dark circles and blemishes? Do these problems make you feel self-conscious? Daily routines do affect our self-esteem and confidence. Some people utilize makeup as an extra tool to boost confidence and to feel their best.

Why Makeup Matters: According to science, women feel prettier when they get makeup. In makeup advertisements, It’s portrayed that makeup helps to boost self-esteem. In some videos, women with the oddness of skin (marks, spots and acne) explain how makeup hides them. For many women, makeup is a fun way to express themselves and put their best face in front of everyone.

Use Makeup for Ourselves, Not for Others: People almost never ask us to present ourselves they we really are. If anything, it’s the opposite. However, some people with low self-esteem put others and their needs before them. Makeup helps those to put themselves and their needs before others’. For example, If you apply eyeliner followed by mascara, Don’t you see the difference in how gorgeous your eyes suddenly look? You celebrate your professional and personal achievements, then why not your appearance? Celebrate it! And when people ask you why you wear more makeup, then answer them “I just wanna have fun, and makeup is fun”.

Makeup Won’t Change You, It Enhances You: There’s no such phrase called “badly applied makeup” or “occasional makeup”. Educate yourself about makeup by watching videos, reading blogs and books. Makeup is art. It smells good and gives you more scope to learn. Makeup is a great medium for expressing our personalities. It is a space where we can play with colours. Makeup helps you look great outside and feel exciting and happy inside.

Makeup Hides Your Flaws: If you have acne, hyperpigmentation, scars or dark circles then makeup will help cover it. Don’t let your acne get the better of you. As long as you are able to manage your makeup without it being creased or caked, you can go through the day without having to worry much about it.

People’s comments are like dirty papers. Don’t carry those comments with you. If they have a problem with you wearing makeup, then it’s their problem. You play with makeup because you love it. Recreate your own identity with makeup. If you like makeup, then you like makeup. Period.

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