What Makes Deep Tissue Massage Special?

April 10th, 2018

What Makes Deep Tissue Massage Special And Its Benefits

In a generalist term, a deep tissue massage refers to firm but slow strokes and pressure release tension embedded within our muscles. As with other types of massage, deep tissue massage potentially relaxes and refreshes us with enhanced blood and oxygen flow throughout our body. Most of the time, the discussion and focus are on how best to rid of toxin content of our body. Deep tissue massage offers the best result as with improved blood flow the sore and strained muscles get healed up releasing the toxin.

The other specialty of this kind of massage is for those who are recovering from injuries and accidents. A longer period in bed leads to underuse of muscles and tendons. Deep tissue massage not only activates these muscles, also helps to break down knots and adhesions that form deep within the tendons.

Usually, this type of massage is taken under Doctor’s guidance for specific body conditions. The pressure and techniques used are quite intense and focused. However, sometimes after a wretched week at work or long travel, some go for deep tissue massage. In which case, the therapist must be briefed and shown the specific areas that need attention.

What makes a deep tissue massage different from the traditional massages is its specificity. It deals with deeper layers of tissues and tendons beneath the skin with slow but concentrated strokes to reach out to the affected area. Say, for example, you have a stiff neck for month or years. It would be useless to think that with one session of deep tissue massage you would be cured of that pain or stiffness in your neck.

The therapist would first review and check your condition and then recommend a number of sessions that may take for you to be relieved of the pain. The therapist will focus on first breaking down the adhesion/ painful band of tissues that create most of our pain. You may experience muscle soreness and discomfort during the session. Also sometimes, ice is applied to rid of that soreness.

One must hydrate oneself before and after the deep tissue massages as it aids in flushing and removing toxins that will have been released from the deep tissue during the session. This is a highly effective method to relieve you of long-term stress and strained areas, correct posture and alignment of the body and most importantly pains due to past injuries.

The deep tissue massage is very effective and valuable provided you are aware and agreeable to accept the discomfort and soreness that may happen, which are very temporary in nature. But, once you are done with the recommended sessions, be very sure that a new YOU would greet you back.